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Dry Wishes.
You wouldn't care if I died and didn't hear from me
in the longest time.
That just shows how much a person like you cares and I....
Should have never bothered to give you everything that I had.
I will still wish you well, however I will only watch from a distance since
You are no longer the person that I once knew.
:iconcausticflower:CausticFlower 1 0
Keep Kicking.
You know it's time to part ways with your friends;
when you keep kicking a dead horse.
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Mere Vapors.
Words are mere vapors.
They'll disappear as soon as you speak them.
However the meaning and emotion behind them
lasts a lifetime.
Funny, how people say they care about only turn their backs.
Who are those people?
The Vaporizing Crowd.
Soon to be gone without a trace but their impact on others
lasts forever.
:iconcausticflower:CausticFlower 1 0
No one listens.
No one cares.
No one bothers to try and tear down my towers anymore for I built them too high.
Those few that were lucky enough to get pass my securities are still there
however I don't think I'll last much longer.
I put barbed wire upon my lips - over, under and through them.  I don't need to speak.
I poured the hottest lava over my heart and encased it in a volcano.
Just daring them that want to try and win my heart.
I'll scald them. Send them packing like the liars they are.
You won my trust?  Then
I put barbed wire upon my lips...
Yet no one
:iconcausticflower:CausticFlower 0 0
Everything has began to feel numb, cold and clammy
yet I not say a word to anyone.
About how I feel, how I worry, and how I wish I was dead - or at least feeling better.
I'm trapped.  Trapped between wanting to lash out and calmly explain how I feel to someone.
I know that there is SOMEONE UP THERE who will always be with me and listen to me but...
I need another fellow human to be there for me too.
I scream. But for neigh, I hold my tongue and keep my peace.  Why?  Why would someone want to listen to ME anyway?!
Oh...That's right. The real reason why know ones listen to me is because I constantly lie and say "I'm Fine!" or "I'm good!"  
To spare them of having to listen to me - about everything.
They go ahead while I stay back and stay put in the same spot.  Day after day.
I'm tempted, my fingers are itching to take a small knife and slowly slide it across the surface of my skin.   But I won't do it because...I know that if I did it would hurt t
:iconcausticflower:CausticFlower 1 0
Mature content
Kill you. :iconcausticflower:CausticFlower 0 0
Christmas goyles by CausticFlower Christmas goyles :iconcausticflower:CausticFlower 3 8 Abby by CausticFlower Abby :iconcausticflower:CausticFlower 1 5 Yeni by CausticFlower Yeni :iconcausticflower:CausticFlower 1 7 Two little Angels by CausticFlower Two little Angels :iconcausticflower:CausticFlower 1 0
Fall Serpranos
Don't accuss me of being happy when I'm not;
I'm actually wearing a frown.
I dress in oranges and blacks and I hold in my hand a fleshy porcelin mask
of how a really feel on the inside.
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I'm walking down in a labyrinth filled with books and candles everywhere I look.
Everything I touch or even dare read starts to melt under the palm my hand and soak into my skin  
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Rubbing my fingers through my hair while blinking at the blaring screen in front of me, I begin to wonder who I really am and what type of person that I give off to people.
I have a sharp tongue along with even a sharper temper that can easily cause poison to spew out and coat replies with acid and be unaware of the other person's reaction.
When in a happy and completely relaxed mood, I can be sweet and playful as the tropic breeze and dance between my comrades' hair and bodies and be completely free to be myself without having to hide behind my mask of walls.
Unfortunately, my anger strikes as a multitude of tidal waves dragging me and the others down into a deep bluish-black abyss where rows and rows of arms and teeth are more than ready to grab, snap and tear flesh into million of pieces.
I wonder....  I wonder if I am a slave to my own past and if will be able to open my heart again for everyone to see.
If I were to carry all my burdens and weights I would become a lonely Herm
:iconcausticflower:CausticFlower 1 0
Mature content
The Monster I've Become :iconcausticflower:CausticFlower 3 0
a knock on my door
I heard a knock on my door one day
Getting up out of my chair I went on my way.
And who did I see outside my door?
Why dear Death of course.
I invited him in and lead him to my office den
before excusing myself to the kitchen to grab my muffin mittens.
Coming back I set the tray of food on my mahogany desk and kindly offered
Death a cup of tea, but alas he wouldn't take anything from me.
He kindly set the food filled platter back on tray without a sound before
lifting off his hood and showing me his face.
Instead of a skeleton head inside, there was a kindly old man's face aged and gray and wise.
He said to me "My dear, in a few short years, you shall fall asleep in your favorite
chair, and drift off to the land of dreams when I-I will take you with me."
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Hello, everyone, I think it's about time that I made another journal. 

As of late, my passion for drawing and for writing has been dwindling considerably.  What I am saying is that when I do try to draw I take a frequent breaks before giving up altogether.  I think the main reason is:  I'm losing my passion for art.   

Second, I know what my problem is with writing however how well or how quickly I write something down depends solely on my mood.  

When you are an artist of both trades, naturally what you draw is going to gain more attention than what you pen down.  To put it simply, it is much easier for a person to look at something and study it than to actually read what the writer has to say. Unless it involves characters from a really popular television program only THEN does the author's work gets attention.

Not putting anyone down or one the spot but it's equally frustrating when you're friends with someone that is much more skilled in areas in art that you lack and receives a lot more attention.  Yes, I know this sounds whiny but I think it's true for those that resort to using traditional art.  Traditional art is what we're good at and we feel comfortable drawing with a pencil than trying to mess around with a Tablet.  Computers and other great products of technology are a hassle, lets all face it! XD
I'm half tempted to say this out of spite but I'll say it anyway.  "Don't ever become friends with a person who is better in art than you."   Yeah, really spiteful on my part but that's how we all feel at times.  Right?


Teenagers...why must you all be so much better at art than we older folks are?! XD

I better close this journal before I write something down that will really make people angry.

Have a good day.



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